Tips on how to migrate in Canada?

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We have been intending on migrating to Canada combined with my loved ones although i do not know tips on how to. What do i need to do since i have am intending on moving in this particular year? Would genuinely help me? Do they have the perfect legal professionals which can help me?

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answered Mar 11 by Adeoba Pro (14,300 points)
When using immigration lawyers to immigrate to a country such as Canada, i guess some of the things they would like to know are: in what position are you immigrating (as a professional, a sportsman, an artist, etc); what are your english and french language skills; do you have any family in canada; what is the level of your education; your health condition; how much funds are available to you for settling down in canada; etc. Apart from these, I think what would set one law firm apart from the other will be success rate, number of years of experience, and areas of specialization. The mentioned firm in the question i think is a worth a consideration.
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