What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

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What, when, how, where, why.... Details please!

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answered Mar 10 by Adeoba Rookie (11,260 points)

There was this time in my university days when i was a member of the performing troupe. We used to go for rehearsals regularly and i was making advances toward a female member of the troupe. She hadn't said yes or no, but it leaned more toward a 'yes' than a 'no'. Now she had a friend who was also a member of the troupe and i could tell she sometimes confided in her about me. On this fateful day, nothing much was happening in terms of rehearsals, and everyone was just lounging around. The lady and her friend were engaged in a chatter close to me. I decided to snooze a bit. To my surprise, i woke up to a wet dream and the muted giggling of my lady and her friend angry

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