Have you ever tried to change a part or the outcome of any your dreams? Why?

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asked Mar 5 by Adeoba Rookie (11,260 points)
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What prompted the change?

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answered Mar 5 by Adeoba Rookie (11,260 points)

I have done this a number of times, and they usually include a case where i'm going to die or not attain something important. The last case was when I was involved in an important war and I was the hero, recording many useful advances for our troop. Near the climax of the war, we were ambushed, and I, as the front-man had to response to the attacking soldier. I used my normal tactic of sustained gun fire, but the enemy had spotted me first and he was inflicting fatal injuries. At this point I consciously altered the course of the dream to make sure the enemy was killed and I sustained treatable injuries yes

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